GREAT CARS TV appeals to the enthusiast and the mildly curious, as each video profiles an individual automobile and its impact upon the world.  Money, power and some of the most legendary and charismatic people of the 20th Century like Henry Ford, Enzo Ferrari, John DeLorean, Lee Iacocca and Dr. Ferdinand Porsche are featured.  GREAT CARS TV also examines the reasons behind an auto’s creation:  why it was designed, what the manufacturers tried to achieve, who the people behind the project were, what technology was employed, and what impact the auto had upon society and our lives.

GREAT CARS offers a new perspective by placing viewers on a mobile balcony where they can view how the automobile has affected our world. We take our guests behind the wheel for a hands-on experience with some of the world's most exotic cars.  Each video tells an amazing story and is told with passion and depth.